Visual Arts

"Art is so much more than just paint or color. It's a window into the soul of its creator."
Anita Szponar

Early Childhood Visual Arts
Early Childhood Visual Arts

Early Childhood:  Art is integrated into daily activities

Preschool classes explore color and various media. Through instructional activities and independent exploration children develop an awareness of space and form. The Early Childhood Campus is transformed into an art gallery for the ECC Art Show that is held on a Friday evening in April.

Elementary Visual Art Program
Elementary Visual Arts

Elementary:  One 60-minute class each week

The curriculum emphasizes the process of creation as well as the created product. The goals for children in visual art include enjoyment of the creative process, use of media for self-expression, use of media as a means of communication, and an appreciation of fine art. In the spring, each student selects several pieces of his or her work to display at the Annual Art Show.

Middle School Visual Arts
Middle School Visual Arts

Middle School Art:  A core subject taken at least one semester in grades 6 through 8.

Students will gain an understanding of themselves and how they can reveal their personal insights and feelings through their artwork. They will be able to express themselves, who they are, and how they feel, through their artwork. Students will also gain an appreciation for art and an understanding of art history. Their experiences will integrate art experience, art history appreciation, and how artwork has been a reflection of periods in time.  The students will view and discuss art from other cultures and from other time periods.  They will discuss how art impacts their daily lives. Students will explore the relationship between a work of art and the attitudes and values, the quality of life, and the spiritual beliefs held by the culture that produced it. The students will understand how traditions, histories and beliefs have influenced art and the way works of art have been valued in society and different cultures. This will allow students to have an appreciation of where they come from, and their own beliefs and how this will be portrayed through their own creative work.

Middle School Visual Arts
Upper School Visual Arts

Upper School: A selection of fine arts courses are offered as electives.

Upper school students can elect to participate in the visual arts program. Eleventh and twelfth grade students participating in the IB Diploma Programme can elect to take IB DP Visual Arts SL or IB DP Visual Arts HL. The students' work is entered in community-wide  juried art shows and is displayed in International Square [located at the Bearss Avenue campus] during the MS/US Symphony of the Arts.

The Visual Arts program at CDS not only provides students with a studio experience in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking, and mixed media but it also focuses on developing their problem solving and critical thinking skills while engaging them in art history, current events, and contemporary artistic trends.

For those students who are passionate about the visual arts, CDS offers a two year IB Diploma Programme course.  This course is a synthesis of both teacher-directed and student-initiated assignments designed to encourage the student's development of ideas and inquiry as well as allow each student to progress through their own exploration and experimentation of concepts and mediums. The IB Diploma Programme course stresses the acquisition and development of techniques and skills; the sophisticated evolution of ideas and concepts; and the understanding of art in its different social, cultural, and historical contexts. 

CDS prides itself on the excellence of its IB DP Visual Arts program. Our results are consistently above the world average and our graduates have obtained acceptances and scholarships to some of the world's best art schools.

Meet Our Visual Arts Team

Susan Most Elementary Art Teacher
Anita Szponar Middle School Art
Seth Firestone, Upper School Art Teacher