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Read about how the all CDS students from PreK through 12 grade participated in Entrepreneurs Day.

The goal of the CDS Entrepreneurship program is to develop problem solvers, cutting-edge thinkers, and citizens of the world that will continually contribute. We want our CDS Patriots Innovation Ready! Amazingly, this concept starts in the ECC with  teaching our smallest patriots how to explore and continues through elementary and middle school teaching critical-thinking and communication. By the time our students reach the upper school they have learned how to work through the cycle of ideation to pitching for investment. 

ECC Play
Early Childhood Campus

Beginning at the Early Childhood level, our students are learning valuable entrepreneurial skills. Curriculum tasks are created to nurture their sense of learning and exploration, along with guiding their curiosity and confidence.

JA Biztown Interviews
Elementary School

At the elementary level, projects students do in the Maker Lab and DREAM Lab promote entrepreneurial concepts, empowering students to become problem solvers and innovators. Additionally in 5th grade students are tasked with developing their own businesses to showcase at our Young Entrepreneurs' Day fair.

8th Grade BizTown
Middle School

Designed to meet the needs of early adolescence, Middle School helps a student develop skills, independence, and a sense of self. At Carrollwood Day School we feel that design is the link between innovation and creativity, taking thoughts and exploring the possibilities and constraints associated with products or systems, allowing them to redefine and manage the generation of further thought through prototyping, experimentation and adaptation. 

MYP Projects
Upper School

Once our students enter the upper school, they are given the opportunity to take their first Entrepreneurship and Business Management courses. The culmination of the MYP has each 10th grader working on a project that has the goal of “designing a solution.” This is a hands-on opportunity that allows them to work through the design cycle, as well as create a presentation to show their progress. If a student chooses the Business Management track for their Diploma Programme in 11th and 12th grades they will be immersed in the business organization and environment, finance and accounting, marketing, and operations. The goal is that when they complete the DP process they are not only thinking like Entrepreneurs, they are Entrepreneurs.



10th graders complete a personal project.


Middle Schoolers study design technology and code a video game


5th graders create their own business for Young Entrepreneurs Day


PreK students learn coding


Lower School students learn the building blocks to become entrepreneurial thinkers in the DREAM Lab:

Entrepreneurial concepts CDS students are taught:

  • Personal Finance
  • Start-Up Funding

  • Financial Markets
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Lean Canvas Business Plans
  • Marketing Research
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Leadership
  • App Development
  • Social Enterprise

Competitions entrepreneurial upper school students have the opportunity to enter: