The Arts

At Carrollwood Day School, the arts are alive and growing. Every student is given the chance to shine in his or her own spotlight through visual arts, music, and theater programs. Students are encouraged to experiment in their work and to develop creativity. The CDS curriculum focuses on developing strong foundation skills in music, theater, and the visual arts. Performing and studio arts programs help students learn tangible skills to help them achieve a higher level of personal expression. 

A foundation in the arts is a gift that creates a taste for culture — a defining trait of any well-rounded life. In activities such as the Early Childhood Art Show, Elementary morning openings, Fall Festival and Spring Fling, performing arts productions, and the Middle School/Upper School Symphony of the Arts, students have many opportunities to perform and exhibit their artistic talents. Our upper school artists also have been selected to exhibit their work in a county-wide juried art show. Through the arts, our students gain a sense of confidence and self-awareness that allows them to succeed on life's many stages.

Opportunities to explore the arts and improve skills extend beyond the school day.  Based on student interest, CDS also offers:

  • Thespian troupes for both middle school and upper school students
  • Themed summer programs for early childhood students
  • After-school visual arts and music lessons
  • Art camps
  • Summer theatre camp
Middle School Visual Arts


Our Visual Arts program starts with our youngest Patriots and extends to our IB Diploma Programme students. Learn more about this amazing program.


CDS has a vibrant music program that culminates with an IB Diploma Program, if a student chooses. Learn more about how to add some harmony to your child's life with our music program. 

Matilda 2022


The performing arts program at CDS is unparalleled. From Peter Pan flying through the air to Mary Poppins riding on a kite, students from the elementary level to the upper school have the opportunity to participate in amazing theatrical performances each year. Learn more about this unbelievable program. 



of students in preschool through grade 8 receive instruction in the arts


of ECC students exhibit 2-D and 3-D creations at the annual ECC Art Show


of students in Prekindergarten 4 and Kindergarten perform on the CDS main stage


of students in grades 1 - 5 perform in three main stage performances each year