The Arts

The arts program at CDS offers a dynamic and comprehensive creative experience across all divisions. In the performing arts, students engage in theatrical productions, developing their acting skills and stage presence. From lower to upper school, students explore various genres, honing their talents through captivating performances.

The visual arts curriculum fosters creativity and self-expression. Starting in early education, students experiment with different mediums, gradually refining their techniques. From painting and sculpture to digital art, each division encourages artistic growth and individuality, resulting in impressive displays of imagination.

The music program is an integral part of the CDS arts education. Beginning with basic music appreciation, students progress to learning instruments and composing melodies. Ensembles allow them to collaborate and showcase their musical progression as they advance through the school. From melodious notes in the lower divisions to complex compositions in the upper ones, the music program enriches students' lives with the power of harmonious sounds.

Overall, the arts program at CDS nurtures well-rounded, imaginative, and confident students across all stages of their academic journey.

IB Art Contest


Our Visual Arts program starts with our youngest Patriots and extends to our IB Diploma Programme students. Learn more about this amazing program.

MS Spring Concert


CDS has a vibrant music program that culminates with an IB Diploma Program, if a student chooses. Learn more about how to add some harmony to your child's life with our music program. 

Footloose 2023


The performing arts program at CDS is unparalleled. From Peter Pan flying through the air to Mary Poppins riding on a kite, students from the elementary level to the upper school have the opportunity to participate in amazing theatrical performances each year. Learn more about this unbelievable program.