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Student Support

The CDS student support team focuses on the whole child by addressing social-emotional, physical and intellectual wellness. We provide support for short-term social-emotional and academic concerns and collaborate with outside service providers to support long-term needs. In addition to supporting student wellness, counselors and learning specialists are here to support CDS families, faculty and the overall community.  Please reach out to any of us and let us know how we can support you.

CDS Wellness Philosophy
School counselors and learning specialists at CDS believe all students can be successful.  Our approach is proactive, preventative and developmentally differentiated.  Through programs valuing connection, resiliency, diversity and mental health, the Wellness team provides an essential part of the CDS experience, helping to build a community to better the world.  

Meet your Student Support Team

Danielle Earle Learning Specialist
Aliya Killion Middle School Learning Specialist
Shelly Hollingsworth, Upper School Learning Specialist
Jamie Kiner, Upper School Learning Specialist
Pedro Miller
Sara Key, Middle School Counselor
Malu Molano Lower School Counselor