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DP | Diploma Programme

Grades 11 and 12

DP Coordinator:  Nancy Hsu

Diploma Programme

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, one of the world's most respected pre-university courses of study, is offered to CDS upper school students in their junior and senior years. Successful completion of year 5 of the CDS  Middle Years Programme gains the student admission into the Diploma Programme. (Download the CDS IB DP Admission Policy.) The Diploma Programme is the capstone of Carrollwood Day School's comprehensive preschool - grade 12 IB curriculum design.  As with the Primary Years Progamme and Middle Years Programme, the IB Learner profile defines the type of lifelong learner the DP strives to develop.

Designed for highly motivated students, the IB Diploma Programme is a rigorous two-year course of study leading to externally assessed examinations.  The DP offers both breadth, in terms of the range of courses offered, and depth, in that students must take each course for two years. It is a deliberate compromise between the specialization required by some colleges and universities and the breadth preferred by others. Students who do not wish to become full IB Diploma candidates may elect to take IB courses in their areas of academic strength. These students will receive an IB certificate for each course successfully completed.

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