Lightning Policy

Lightning Detection Procedure During an Athletic Event

Carrollwood Day School has a lightning detection policy in place for practices and games; however we are aware that athletic facilities are often used without supervision. The Wagner Athletic Complex at Carrollwood Day School is equipped with a weather monitoring system from EarthNetworks that allows us to have a full weather station specific to our campus.


Detection of Lightning:

EarthNetworks Sferic Siren is a 110-decibel horn located on top of the press box that will sound when lighting has been detected inside a preset distance to alert that the venue should be cleared and outdoor activities should be suspended. The widget below shows real time lightning alerts.

·      The alert bar will be green with no information shown when there is no active lightning alert

·      The alert bar will be red during a lightning alert, with information displayed as to the last detected stoke time

·      The “Estimated Time to All Clear” display is the systems estimate of when the current active alert will be cleared. This status can change at any time depending if more lightning is detected. Anytime a stroke is detected inside of the preset distance it will reset the timer over for the “All Clear”.

Evacuation of the playing field/facility:

During athletic events spectators, coaches, and athletes are to evacuate to an appropriate shelter.  A safe shelter may consist of a hardtop vehicle or any fully enclosed buildings that have plumbing and electricity.

Inappropriate shelters include open-ended structures such as:

·       Pavilions

·       Dugouts

·       Concession stand overhang

·       Gymnasium overhang

·       Under trees

If you are not able to reach an appropriate shelter, seek a flat area where you are not the highest object. Crouch down wrapping with your heels touching, duck your head, and cover your ears.


Resumption of Activity:

Activity may resume once the 3 burst “All Clear” horn sounds informing that lightning has cleared the area and is a safe distance away from Carrollwood Day School.