Performing Arts

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Early Childhood Performing Arts

Early Childhood: Performing Arts is integrated into daily activities

At the Early Childhood Campus, "the world is our stage."  Puppets, dress up clothes, and themed play areas encourage children to engage in dramatic play. Teachers support this free and creative play and, when appropriate, may redirect the activity in order to further the children's learning. Teachers also orchestrate more structured drama activities with their small groups to act out a story or engage in a role-play.  

Elementary Performing Arts

Elementary: Performing Arts is integrated into Music instructional time and classroom activities

The arts are integral to our academic program and curricular units are often complemented with a musical or dramatic presentation.  In addition, all students perform in Fall Festival and Spring Fling, school-wide events that are held each year.  Students may also participate in the chorus. Chorus members are invited to be in the cast of the all-school musical theater production staged each spring. 

Middle School Performing Arts

Middle School

Dramatic presentations and role-playing are incorporated at many levels in the middle school. Students are encouraged to showcase their individual interests and talents.

Each year the middle school presents a Shakespeare Festival as a culmination of their study of Shakespeare's literature and his times. Middle school students and teachers dress in costumes and relive the Elizabethan times with student created play performances, a royal court, a royal feast and a student planned Elizabethan carnival. The focus of the festival is the MYP area of interaction, human ingenuity, which explores the act of creation and its consequences. 

Middle school sponsors a Jr. Thespian Troupe. This club is for any student who enjoys both performing arts and competition. Students prepare monologues, scenes, musical numbers, and even technical theatre events and compete at local and state competitions.

The middle school also sponsors a championship Forensics Team. Forensics is a competition where students read from a variety of genres. CDS competes in a league with other Bay area private schools. There are seven categories in which our league competes: Declamation, Prose, Poetry, Individual and Duo Drama, Original Oratory and Impromptu Speaking.

Middle School Performing Arts Elective

Students may choose Performing Arts as an elective class where they will explore the process and practice the skills needed to create a successful performance. Theatre history, musical theatre and drama and theatre etiquette are studied as students explore the skills needed to create a character and communicate with an audience.  Students will experience how the different aspects of theatre all work together.

The highlight of the class is the Middle School Spring Showcase.  Students work in class groupings to create a performance that is presented in a variety show format at the end of the third quarter.  

Upper School Performing Arts

Upper School: Theatre is offered as an elective.

Upper school students can elect to participate in the theatre program. Eleventh and twelfth grade students participating in the IB Diploma Programme can elect to take IB DP Theatre SL or IB DP Theatre HL.

The upper school also has a very active Thespian Troupe. CDS's thespian troupe is chartered through the International Thespian Society.  Troupe #7235 competes with public and private high schools in local and state competitions and regularly earns superior ratings and other accolades.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

The two shows on November 15th and 16th were an amazing success. From the acting to the technology, our theatre department and DP students hit it out of the park. 

Congratulations to our amazing middle and upper school thespians on their performances at the


Saturday, December 14, 2019. Next up, the middle school troupe will be heading to states in February with their one act "Hoodie." Bravo performers!

CDS is thrilled to present


The Theatre Department at Carrollwood Day School will bring the Broadway musical, Matilda, to the CDS stage. Based on the Roald Dahl children's book, Matilda the Musical is the story of a little girl with wit, intelligence, and telekinetic powers who with the support of her teacher, tries to rid her school of the evil headmistress.

Mary Poppins