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2022-2023 Course Selection

At the beginning of the second semester, students select the courses they would like to take the following year. Current 8th graders will be choosing their first MYP courses in upper school, 9th graders will be choosing courses for their final year of MYP, and 10th graders will be selecting their path to graduation and choosing their courses for the final two years of upper school. (All DP courses are two-year course of study.) 

In January parents are invited to Curriculum Matters presentations hosted by the MYP and DP Coordinators to learn about curriculum offerings and why choices matter for college placement. The three pathways to graduation available to students at CDS are reviewed: Full IB Diploma, IB Course Candidate, and CDS Graduate. Additionally, the process for registering for courses is explained. Below are recordings from this year's presentations.

Curriculum Matters: Course Registration Videos

Rising 8th Grade Course Selection Video Screenshot
Rising 10th Grade Course Selection Video Screenshot
Rising 11th Grade Course Selection Video Screenshot

Course Selection Forms

Students need to complete these forms to register their choices for courses in the 2022-2023 school year.

Upper School Curriculum Guide

Additional Resources

  1. Course Selection: Four Year Planning Sheet: A listing of all required and elective courses offered in each grade.
  2. Subject Briefs for DP Courses: CDS does not offer all the subjects listed. Each brief presents the Course description and aims, Curriculum model overview, Assessment model and Assessment at a glance.