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Education with Character

CDS has several program and resources in place to support the wellness and success for all students. Counseling, support, learning specialist help, and advisory are just a few. Incorporating community service into daily life at CDS, as well as field trips supports the IB mission of CDS that we are part of a global society. 

Sara Tullis, MS Counselor

Sara Tullis, MS Counselor

Middle school is full of developmental changes for students and their families. The Middle School Counselor has the goal of supporting students social and emotional needs while navigating these formative years. Individual support, as well as classroom connections through our advisory program, assist in encouraging and guiding our students. 

The Middle School Support Team is motivated to create a positive school environment for our students, faculty, and families. The goal is to support the school's mission and align the academic curriculum with social-emotional support to improve the well-being of the student body and staff. 

Our Advisory program is a time for students to focus on important social and positive character building topics.  Advisories spend time working together on activities and have discussions that support an array of social-emotional topics as well as school-wide and community-wide news or events. It is a time for students and teachers to connect, share, listen and experience valuable interactions with one another.  

Aliya Killion

Aliya Killion, MS Learning Specialist

The Middle School Learning Specialist, is a member of the Student Support Team and works closely with our diverse learners, their families, and our faculty in order to provide academic services. Through a collaborative approach, she provides both individual and small group assistance and interventions, resources, and strategies in order to build upon students’ strengths and support areas for academic growth and development.




Stefanie Ely, MS Math Specialist

 Stefanie Ely - MS Math Specialist

Middle School Math Specialist is an educator focused on enhancing mathematics education in middle school settings. They collaborate with teachers to design engaging and effective math curriculum, incorporating innovative teaching methods. Specialists identify students struggling with math concepts, offering personalized support and tutoring. They also lead professional development workshops to enhance teachers' math instruction skills. Analyzing student performance data, they adapt strategies to meet diverse learning needs. Their goal is to foster a positive attitude towards math, boost student confidence, and improve overall mathematical proficiency in middle school students, laying a strong foundation for their academic success.


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Service As Action

Community and service starts in the classroom and extends beyond it, requiring students to take an active part in the communities in which they live. Giving importance to a student's impact on their community and beyond encourages responsible citizenship as it seeks to deepen the adolescent's knowledge and understanding of the world around them. The emphasis is on developing community awareness and concern, and the skills needed to make an effective contribution to society. Want to know more? Contact Carrie Prieto