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MYP Service as Action (9th & 10th)

All hours for 9th and 10th grade students need to be SERVICE hours

What constitutes Community Service?

Service is an unpaid and voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit for the student.  The rights, dignity and autonomy of all those involved are respected.  For student development to occur, community service should involve:

  1. Real, purposeful activities, with significant outcomes
  2. Reflection on outcomes and personal learning
  3. Personal challenge-tasks must extend the student and be achievable in scope
  4. Thoughtful consideration, such as planning, reviewing progress, and reporting

Students should strive to find a variety of community service activities in order to broaden their horizons.  The idea is to find a way to help others, especially someone who is less fortunate than you are.  It is an act that stresses the idea that it is better to give than receive.  Helping the environment or a community area is community service.  Activities that support local, state, regional, and international activities are also encouraged.

What does NOT constitute community service?

Any activity in which you receive a tangible benefit (internship credit, extra credit, or a grade) or reward such as money (babysitting).

Activities that are for the benefit of the members of a religious organization or to promote religion are not considered service to the community at large.

All forms of duty within the family cannot be used for community service.  (mowing the lawn, making dinner, etc.) 

Suggestions for
Community Service Opportunities


It is highly suggested that the student completes 25 hours during their 9th grade year and the remaining 25 hours during their 10th grade year.

50 hours of community service must be completed by the end of the 10th grade year.


Reflection is an essential component of the MYP community and service requirement.  It is the element that helps to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.  Students utilize ManageBac to record and report Service as Action experiences and projects.

  • ManageBac
    ManageBac is an on-line portfolio system designed specifically to integrate with IB requirements, allowing students to manage their own Service as Action experiences. Students will submit proposals, reflections, and evidence through ManageBac. When IB requests material to verify student activities, it also can be easily accessed by IB.

    Students sign into ManageBac with their Carrollwood Day School email and a password of their choice.

Click here to login to ManageBac