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Parent Speaker Series

CDS is pleased to present a special speaker series for parents on Friday, October 22, Parent-Teacher Conference Day.

The CDS Wellness Team is pleased to offer a special speaker series for parents on Parent-Teacher Conference Day, October 22, 2021. This program is part of Carrollwood Day School's commitment to partner with parents to support the overall well-being of our students. Parents with children of all ages are encouraged to attend these relevant and informative sessions with local experts.

Speakers and topics include:

10:00 am: Dr. Norrine Russell
Want to stop nagging your son or daughter about grades?  We have the solution.

Parents will learn about the development of executive functioning skills and how to coach your children’s skills in organization, time management, starting work, finishing projects, and sustaining attention. Parents will leave with practical suggestions for helping their child be more competent and independent.

Dr. Noreen Russell

Dr. Norrine Russell is the founder and owner of Russell Coaching for Students, an international student coaching practice that provides support for typical and atypical students in the areas of executive functioning, social and emotional skills, academic and study skills, and other life skills. With twenty years of experience supporting healthy youth development and conducting parenting education, Dr. Russell has extensive knowledge of child and adolescent development, learning styles, special needs, and positive parenting philosophies. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Russell Coaching currently serves students in the US, Canada, and the UK.  Dr. Russell has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Bowling Green State University with a focus on both psychology and education.

12:00 pm: Dr. Lindsey O'Brennan
How to Help Your Child Effectively Navigate the Stress of School

Even before the pandemic, student stress issues were on the rise. Dr. O'Brennan will share strategies to help manage anxiety, cope with stress, and find balance.

Lindsey O'Brennan

Dr. Lindsey O’Brennan is a licensed psychologist in the state of Florida (PY 10190) and owner of Morningstar Wellness, a private practice in Carrollwood, FL. She received her combined doctoral degree in Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology from University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. O’Brennan specializes in working with high achieving students (such as those in IB programs, high school athletes and performers) and adults who are experiencing stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns due to school, work, and home demands. Dr. O’Brennan has presented on stress management, effective coping strategies, and improving overall wellness to audiences at local school districts, universities, as well as state and national psychology and education conferences for the past 14 years.

2:00 pm: Dr. Michael Bishop
Tech Overuse / Addiction

Are you concerned your child is overusing technology; always on a device; cannot pull away from gaming or losing sleep?  You are not alone and this talk is for you!

Michael Bishop

Dr. Michael Bishop developed the "Summerland Plan" for technology habit change which has helped hundreds of adolescents, teens, and young adults learn how to manage their screen activity. Mike was raised in Chattanooga, TN to the parents of a college professor and school guidance counselor. Mike completed a BA and Ph.D. in Psychology along with a Certificate in Neuropsychology, and a Masters of Business Administration. Mike completed his post-doctoral training in rural Georgia working with teens with addictive behaviors. Mike has devoted his career to the operations of behavioral health organizations including inpatient psychiatric hospitals, summer camps, therapeutic boarding schools, therapeutic camps, outpatient clinics, and addiction centers.