Adventurous Journey

Carrollwood Day School is proud to deliver The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

This weekend, 16 students from grades 9 - 12 and three adults will travel to Ocala National Forest to complete what they have trained for all semester: The Duke of Edinburgh International Award Adventurous Journey. Upon arriving at Ocala National Forest, program participants will camp for two consecutive nights at Juniper Springs Recreational Area.

Over the weekend, students will work towards predetermined TRIP AIMS ranging from learning about the various ecosystems found in Ocala National Forest to studying the history of Juniper Springs. By the end of their Adventurous Journey, program participants will have a deeper understanding of one of Florida's most remote areas, a higher sense of their physical potential as a result of hiking over 10 miles, and stronger bonds fostered through this outdoor journey.

Students will be accompanied by program coordinator Mr. Miller, program leader Ms. Melton, and program volunteer Officer Miguel Ubiera. Mr. Tim Walsh will also be in attendance during the hiking portion of this trip.

The group began training for this Adventurous Journey in February. In addition to overnight trainings on our campus, in early March they spent a training weekend at Jay B Starkey Wilderness Park in New Port Richey. The first night was spent finalizing their routes and preparing their equipment for a 3 mile hike the following day. Students camped, in small groups, in a remote location Saturday night and hiked 3 miles back on Sunday.

Pitching tents, hiking, and relaxing in Starkey Wilderness park for DofE training activity.

On Monday, May 16, students, parents, and staff will come together for a well deserved celebration of individual and group accomplishments.  

Thank you to Pedro Miller, Jaime Melton, and Tim Walsh for bringing this prestigious and life-changing program to CDS - and to Officer Ubiera for his valuable support. Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Holders are #WORLDREADY and we are very proud of this first CDS cohort of DofE participants.