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Creating Global Connections

Helping to build respectful and compassionate relationships between people from different cultures.

Throughout the first semester, Mrs. Ruth’s 8th grade humanities classes have been participating in a unique international learning experience. CDS has joined schools and universities across the world in this global collaborative learning program called IVECA (Intercultural Virtual Exchange of Classroom Activities). The program aims to promote interculturally competent global citizens for peace and sustainable development.

Students watching IVECA presentation.

The CDS 8th grade classes have been partnering with Halil, a school in South Korea.  Students introduced themselves and exchanged thoughts on their favorite sports, hobbies, foods, art and music. All this week, Mrs. Ruth and classes have been meeting in the Wagner Entrepreneurial Center to connect with their partner school via Zoom. Each school presented topics related to their country's history. CDS students in each class presented on three topics:

  • Group 1: The First Peoples in America and the Explorers who found them. 

  • Group 2: The first colonies in what is now the United States.

  • Group 3: The French & Indian War that resulted in new colonial taxes and many protests - ultimately in the Declaration of Independence.

Hanil students presented topics on the Hangul alphabet, liberation from Japanese occupation, Korean Civil War, the IMF Crisis of 1997, and the economic miracle on the Han River.

Following each presentation, the students were given a short quiz and then divided into breakout rooms to discuss:

  1. What surprised you most from your partners’ presentation?

  2. What else would you like to learn about their country’s historical events?

The visits ended with cultural performances in celebration of their global friendship. The students from South Korea performed a traditional Korean folk song, Arirang.  In turn, the CDS students played a selection of American music from the time of the American Revolution.

CDS students positing with Korean class on Zoom.

Thank you to Mrs. Ruth for making this unique virtual cultural exchange program possible.