Yearbook Dedication to Coach Rod Hart
Coach Rod Hart Yearbook Dedication

Dedicating the yearbook is a meaningful tradition that allows us to honor and recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to our CDS community. The individual chosen may have demonstrated exceptional leadership, shown unwavering support, or made a lasting impact on the lives of students and staff members. By dedicating the yearbook to them, we are expressing our gratitude and appreciation for their dedication and commitment. It reminds us of the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the people who have helped shape our experiences and memories throughout the year. Friend to all, stranger to none - that's our Rod Hart.

For more than ten years, Rod has been a staple at Carrollwood Day School, whether greeting students every day in the kitchen, coaching his "babies" on the elementary basketball court, or encouraging his "big kids" during the cross country and track and field seasons.

We, the CDS community, dedicate the 2023-24 yearbook to a man who means so much to so many.

We love you, Rod!

Coach Hart is passionate about everything that he does. He's always there for everyone, and has the biggest 'hart' of anyone we know. He's positive and kind and CDS wouldn't be the same without him."

- The 2024 Track and Field Team


Coach Rod Hart Yearbook Dedication

Written by: Michelle Caceres