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With help from our friends

The ECC had some very special visitors on Wednesday! A group of 10th graders came to help the friends at ECC make their Fall Thankful Tree. It was a very special treat for some of the ECC teachers to welcome back their students from many years ago! While a dozen of the upper school visitors were “CDS Lifers” others were visiting the ECC for the very first time!

It was a busy morning for all creating some very special fall leaves to decorate the ECC Fall Tree mural outside Mrs. Boodoo’s office. First the ECC friends traced their handprints to make the leaves and then they wrote something they are thankful for on each handprint leaf. With all the tracing, cutting, and writing that needed to be done, the US students were great helpers to their new ECC friends (and their teachers, too!). There are so many things to be thankful for - Mommies and Daddies, of course, but they were also thankful for their families, their teachers, drawing, pets, their pool, spiders, and don’t forget… friends!

After all that hard work, the ECC students and their new big friends headed out to the playground where everyone enjoyed playing with hula hoops and building with the Big Blue Blocks. Everyone at the ECC is looking forward to their next visit from the Upper School students. Before we know it, some of those PreK-4 students and 10th graders will be Patriot Buddies together at the Bearss Avenue campus! 

We are thankful for Miss Kati for capturing memories from this special morning to share with us.