Three Generations of Patriot Buddies: A Heartfelt Tradition Continues

In the warm embrace of Carrollwood Day School's time-honored tradition, Patriot Buddies, two esteemed alumni from the class of 2013 returned to their alma mater, rekindling the spirit of camaraderie that has been a cherished tradition since 2012. Chris Mane '13, who is now a proud CDS parent, and Jarrod Smith '13, joined in the festivities, creating a heartwarming reunion with their Patriot Buddies who have now grown into confident Seniors. This event showcased the enduring legacy of Patriot Buddies, a tradition that bridges generations, fosters bonds, and makes the transition to the bigger campus feel like coming home.

Patriot Buddies is a tradition that has stood the test of time at CDS. Starting in 2012, this touching program pairs a senior student with a first-grader, creating a unique mentorship and friendship that transcends age differences. The primary goal is to help the youngest members of our school community feel more at ease on the larger campus while forming bonds that can last a lifetime.

Jarrod Smith '13 (left) and Chris Mane '13 (right), both of whom have fond memories of their time at CDS, were thrilled to return to their alma mater and take part in this time-honored tradition. As they met with their Patriot Buddies, now Seniors preparing to take their next big step into the world, the joy and nostalgia in the air were palpable. It was a touching moment for everyone involved, showcasing the enduring impact of the Patriot Buddies program.

The image of Chris and Jarrod standing shoulder to shoulder with their Patriot Buddies, who have now evolved into accomplished Seniors, alongside their current 1st-grade Patriot Buddies, beautifully exemplified the enduring influence of this tradition. It symbolized the unifying force of three generations of Patriot Buddies, bound by their deep affection for CDS and their collective journey through shared experiences.

As the smiles and laughter echoed through the CDS campus during this reunion, it was evident that Patriot Buddies is more than just a tradition; it's a testament to the enduring sense of community and belonging that defines Carrollwood Day School. With each passing year, Patriot Buddies creates bonds that not only facilitate the transition for young students but also bring alumni back to their alma mater, reinforcing the enduring legacy of the school.

In the spirit of three generations of Patriot Buddies, let's celebrate this heartwarming tradition that continues to unite CDS students and alumni, fostering friendships that last a lifetime. It's a tradition that showcases the essence of CDS—a place where past, present, and future generations come together in the name of friendship, support, and the unwavering Patriot spirit.

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