Teacher Feature: Mr. Jannereth

Dear Students: Observations and Other Stories I Never Told You

One of CDS Teachers is in the spotlight! Mr. Paul Jannereth, our Upper School Humanities Teacher has written his own book! 

Mr.Jannereth's new book is a series of letters to high school/college aged students. By sharing some of his life experiences as; a kid, high school student, college student, corporate officer and classroom teacher, Mr.Jannereth delivers a series of "observations", to offer encouragement toward developing a positive and productive attitude, an ownership mindset, and to define success in their own way. 

One brief letter per week, corresponding to the standard 36 week school year, this book offers students a touchstone of what it means to be successful, and encouragement to find their purpose and happiness in life. 

The book is witty, intriguing and overall enlightening to read. You can imagine yourself going through the motions as he writes and gives advice that is relatable to not only students, but adults who may just need a little motivation on some days.



Student Quotes

"Oftentimes, I don't feel connected to or understood by my teachers, but these letters are a lovely reminder that they have gone through the same things. This connection is invaluable and beautifully conveyed." 

- Hailee

"As one of Jannereth's former students, now well into my career, I find these letters motivating and still relevant." 

- Mike


About Paul:

Paul is the proud father of two amazing kids. He is a teacher by trade and at heart. He has achieved tremendous success in both the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) curriculums by emphasizing the skills of a historian: critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation of evidence. Paul's career includes time in both public and private education as well as the financial services industry where he practiced commercial lending among other business and leadership development efforts. He became a nationally recognized expert in Health Savings Account education, serving as an advisor to local and national corporations. He has also developed and implemented Leadership Development training for businesses large and small. In addition to writing, Paul has appeared on stage as an actor in Community Theater, enjoys dabbling with music, traveling, kayaking, and hiking.

Purchase his book on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3h2eocj