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Teacher Appreciations

While parents were busy last week showering the faculty and staff with surprises and treats for Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week, CDS 7th graders wrapped up their poetry unit with their own timely appreciations. One of the poems in their poetry packet was "What Teachers Make" by Taylor Mali. Thank you to their language and literature teacher, Jess Garcia, for sharing some of the students' moving responses to the question, "How has a teacher impacted your life?"

  • "My teachers have taught me many things which have helped me become a more knowledgeable individual. I can read, solve math problems, explain the different body functions, locate countries, code, and so much more all because of my teachers. Without the teachers in my life, I would be a different person."
  • "My advisor this year always makes sure I have someone to talk to no matter what. My advisor listens to everything I say and always makes sure I am okay. I feel like she really understands me and takes me seriously. She is such an amazing mentor."
  • "All of the teachers at CDS have impacted my life in different ways. One way that comes to mind is that all of the teachers truly care about me and always take my testing accommodations seriously. They never make me feel like a burden and they always reassure me that I can learn and do anything."
  • "Since the pandemic, I have grown to appreciate teachers more. I have also noticed that society, for some reason, does not appreciate all the hard work that teachers do. Teachers do so much for their students. Personally, my teachers this year have not only taught me subjects like math, reading, science, and Spanish but have also taught me how to be a caring and positive individual in society. My teachers help me better figure out who I am in this crazy world, and for that, I am so grateful."

Miss Jess was touched by the appreciation and compassion the students expressed and shared them with her colleagues, adding, "These responses really did give me that extra push I needed to end the year strong, and I hope they do the same for you! Thank you so much for all that you do."