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Tackling Real World Issues

Over the weekend our Model United Nations (MUN) team participated in our first historical conference led by the Florida High Schools Model United Nations association virtually. This was our school's first MUN conference ever! We had students participate in three committees; Security Council, Organization of the American States, and a General Assembly on universal Debt and Development. 

Collage of delegates to the FHSMUN Conference

Ashna P. ('22) represented the United Kingdom within the Security Council’s committee on the Syrian refugee crisis. She was driven by the way the committee was challenging one another’s ideas in the resolution paper while learning how to strengthen a proposal overall. FHSMUN’s Security Council is designed for experienced delegates, especially those with an interest in security and peacebuilding.

Lauren S. ('24) and Ava O. ('24) were both delegates to the General Assembly on Debt and Development. Lauren represented Qatar and especially enjoyed the round robin because it made each delegate speak on the topic, demonstrating an understanding for the different angles that could be taken. This was specifically important for Qatar in regards to its economic impact on other countries. Ava represented El Salvador and enjoyed the unmoderated conflicts between delegates where the committee really came to life and prepared for the resolution at hand. FHSMUN’s General Assembly on Debt and Development is for delegates with an interest in economic issues.

Sophie V. ('25) represented El Salvador within the Organization of the American States on the situation in Colombia. She was able to hold her own as a new member to the club as well as a 9th grader, helping her committee to connect the many aspects of the geographical complications within this topic. FHSMUN’s Organization of American States (OAS) is appropriate for delegates with prior Model UN experience, especially those with an interest in issues impacting the Americas. 

Congratulations to these delegates for the fine work they did!


Since 1980, FHSMUN has organized and operated the largest and most prestigious academic Model United Nations conferences in Florida. FHSMUN has grown into one of the most well-respected and largest middle and high school Model UN organizations in the southeast. Participating schools come from all parts of the state of Florida and the Staff represents state universities and private colleges throughout Florida.

A world of thanks to Natalie Contreras, US history teacher, for sharing this story and making this experience possible for our students.