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Sticking to a Plan
Sticker Sale

The 8th-grade students at CDS take part in a community project at the end of their middle school journey. The community project provides an important opportunity for students ages 13-14 to collaborate and pursue service-learning. The community project is student-centered and age-appropriate, engaging in practical explorations through a cycle of inquiry, action, and reflection.

Two 8th graders took their love of animals and turned it into their community project. Caroline C. and Rachel C. decided to make stickers by drawing designs digitally and then printing them and cutting them with a Cricut. Afterward, they planned a selling schedule and got it approved by the student council and the head of the middle school to sell in the middle school and elementary. 

By selling each sticker for $1, they were able to earn around $200 for their charity, World Vision. World Vision Animal and Agricultural Fund donates livestock to communities and families in need. These animals allow the families to use their resources (like milk, eggs, and wool) for themselves or sell them to the rest of their community. This also allows the families to focus on education and building their future instead of thinking about where they are going to get their food and money. With the money the ladies earned, they will be able to buy goats, ducks, rabbits, and chickens for a family in an underprivileged country!

We are so proud of how these students used their entrepreneurial and artistic skills to help those in need. Stay tuned for more stories of other 8th-grade community projects.