Poetry of EPIC Proportions

CDS 8th-grade Humanities teacher, Mrs. Ruth, recently gave her students a challenge. Upon completion of their unit on the constitution and constitutional law, they were to create a poem based on the history of writings in the constitution. The title of this summative assignment was Epic Constitutional History and that's exactly what the students' poetry was...EPIC.

With the direction to emulate the great epic poems of history and make heroes out of the Founding Fathers, students in Mrs. Ruth's class studied both the Illiad and a recent poem by Amanda Gorman for inspiration. What transpired was a litany of substantial, creative, and eloquent poetry by the students and a true understanding of not only the constitution but how to express one's thoughts effectively.

Below is a sampling of some of the students' poetry both in print and audio. 

Thank you to Humanities Teacher, Angela Ruth, for facilitating this lesson and for encouraging her students to find their voice in their writing.