Patriot Voices: Voice of a new 5th Grader
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I’m Yuvraj J., and I want to share the ups and downs of fifth grade with you. I am new to CDS and I was excited to enter. I had also heard about how much work you had in fifth grade and that you must prepare for middle school. I wanted to show my talents and develop my opportunities, but I also wanted to have fun at the same time. One thing is for sure, fifth grade is awesomely unforgettable.

Entering a new school
This was not the first time I had entered a new school. This is my fifth school but I needed to get used to the IB curriculum. It was surprising how on the first day, I was already making new friends and feeling comfortable. I also tried out for the Student Council and I was elected Student Council Treasurer! I also made sure I studied hard and got good grades, as it is very important. 

STEM Fair 
In the first semester itself, I got the opportunity to do a STEM Fair project. STEM Fair is where you make a project related to science and engineering. It looked very interesting, but I was vacationing on the CDS Stem Fair date so I couldn’t do the project alone. My classmate asked me to work together on a STEM project. I took the opportunity, and we built a thermoelectric-powered car. We won the CDS STEM Fair, and we went to the regionals (still awaiting our results). All in all, I enjoyed my first semester at CDS with all the opportunities it provided.

Junior Achievement BizTown 
As I enter my second semester, I look forward to the JA Biztown field trip. This is where you get to pick jobs, write an application, and draft a resume. This resembles how it works in the real world, you submit a job application and see what job you get. Every day I get to learn more about the economy and how money works. I am still waiting to see which job I get!

YED (Young Entrepreneurs Day)
YED is a big day for fifth graders. YED is where 5th graders build businesses and try to make money. Your budget is $80, and you can build any type of business you want. YED ties in with JA BizTown, because you get to learn about jobs in BizTown and starting up a business in YED. 

Fifth Grade is very fun, but it’s your last year before middle school. I like how my first semester went, making new friends, becoming part of the CDS community, and doing well in academics and co-curriculars. I look forward to continuing to have fun, finishing my first year at CDS, and getting good grades in my second semester.