Patriot Voices: An 8th Graders View of Shakespeare Festival
2024 Shakespeare Festival

Written by 8th Grader, Sophia Y.

The Shakespeare Festival was an amazing experience filled with sports and art activities that were so much fun! The day began, for me, at 6:45 AM to help set everything up. I joined the Shakespeare Committee (run by Mrs. Holden and Ms. Arjona). Once everything was set up in the sports area and the arts and crafts area, I went to my advisory room to build a catapult with my group of two others. The catapults were for the 8th graders, there was an escape room for 7th graders and a small science experiment for 6th graders. My group finished our catapult first, and with that, we went to Arts and Crafts.

Even though I helped set it up, walking into the area was a really cool experience because there wasn’t a single place in the area that wasn’t decorated to fill the theme of ‘Renaissance’. I went to the bracelet-making station, the stained-glass station, and the flower-crown station, which were all a ton of fun!

After that, we went to the sports station on the football field. I played gaga ball, threw inflatable axes, did archery, and badminton (there were more, but I wasn’t able to get to all of them). All of the activities I did were so, SO much fun and I had a great time at them all! After the sports, we had lunch, and after lunch, there was a Masquerade Ball! Everyone there had so much fun, and it reminded me of a mini-school dance. This lasted for the rest of the day, and was such a fun time!