Patriot Voices: Homecoming Week

By 8th grader Isabella R.

Middle School kicked off the start of fall with spirit week! On Monday, we began with pajama day. I went basic with red plaid shorts, a black T-shirt, and white Crocs. The outfits at school were anything from the classic red plaid pants to unicorn onesies! Everyone was so comfortable and cozy all day, and the only thing that could’ve made it better was nap time! Tuesday was Barbie and Ken's Day. My outfit was ‘Gym Barbie’, with a light pink tank top, neon blue shorts, and white Converse. The whole school went pink with Barbie shirts and Ken wigs. It felt like being in a Candyland with Barbies!

On Wednesday came Hero versus Villain Day. Some heroes were Superman, Spiderman, and Batman. Some villains were Megamind and Poison Ivy. My favorite superhero was my friend, Lauren, who dressed up as Kim Possible. I thought it was so fun and different from other’s costumes. I went as Superman that day. Retro Day included a variety of eras. There were ’70s hippies, 80's neon, 90's flare jeans, and even 2000's frosted tips! I wore flare jeans, a red top, and Converse to emulate the 90’s - early 2,000’s look. It was nice to see so many different eras in the same generation.

Friday had everyone in their red, black, and white. Sadly, I didn’t get to dress up. However, I did get to show spirit in my cheer uniform! Some Spirit Week activities included tug of war, trouble bubble, quest for the grail, Frankel finds, and more. The trouble bubble has to do with blowing soap bubbles, the quest for the grail is like a scavenger hunt, and Frankel's finds have to do with clues and finding Mrs. Frankel.

On Friday, they held an all-school pep rally where the Freshmen won for their decorating skills. I got to see their hallway and I agreed with them winning. Their hallway was all red and perfectly decorated. There were fun events including a game where you had to put all of the football gear and run across the gym! I thought this was so funny. There was also a game where the first graders had to wrap their Patriot Buddies with toilet paper! This was so adorable to watch. I found it cute to see the tiny first graders wrap around their tall seniors. In the end, we had to vote who did the best. Two seniors made their Patriot Buddy very happy when they won. Pep squad, middle school, and varsity cheer showed off their cheers and stunts. I love performing this every year because it gives all the girls a chance to bond.

CDS Booster Club had their event pre-homecoming game which Publix sponsored. All the cheerleaders performed before the game and it was a crowd favorite. Afterwards, the game began and it was riveting. Fans from everywhere, any age, all cheering for CDS! It was so nice to see people cheering on these amazing players. Then came the homecoming court and they looked so spectacular in their dresses. They rode in on golf carts!

Everyone was jumping for joy In the end, we won 37-7 and it was an eventful and fun week!

Homecoming Game by Samantha Babeu

Photos by CDS Junior, Samantha Babeu