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CDS 10th Graders Find Their Passion

Did you know that CDS 10th graders are the only IB World School students in the Tampa Bay area to complete a Personal Project? CDS is the only school in our area to offer the full 5-year Middle Years Programme. 

Every spring when the 10th-grade MYP Personal Projects are on display CDS faculty, staff, and students are treated to some of the most inventive, creative, and illuminating passion projects. This year was no exception. From converting a VW van to electric to training dogs and goats and even learning how to blacksmith, our sophomore class brought their passions to life. 

Completing a Personal Project is the culminating experience of the MYP and one that every 10th grader at CDS participates in. The project can be about anything, with the goal of the project being to showcase the students' initiative and creativity. This was CDS’ fifteenth year of Personal Projects...15 years of 10th graders answering the question, “What are you passionate about?”  The Personal Project is the culminating experience of the 5-year IB Middle Years Programme that students begin in the 6th grade. 

Would you like to better understand what is involved in completing a Personal Project? Ms. McCartney accepted the “One Minute Challenge” explained this major undertaking in less than 60 seconds.

Students generally choose to undertake a project from one of two perspectives – (1.) they often choose something they have already started or want to get better at doing or (2.) they choose to try something totally new. 
Every year the bar is raised with passion projects that show our students have taken the opportunity to learn something new in a global context. This year was no exception. The Class of 2024 researched ancestry, flipped sneakers and thrift clothing, learned how to cook, mined cryptocurrency, and even raised monarch butterflies. Faculty, staff, students, and parents learned about 3D animation, what a raspberry pi was, and how old tarps could be turned into sleeping bags for the homeless with a sewing machine.
Below are a couple of the MYP projects. 
Cheyenne I.: Raising Baby Goats Shelby T.: Converting a '73 VW Bus to an Electric Vehicle Ryan H.: Blacksmithing
Raising Baby Goats
Converting a '73 VW Bus to Electric
Jacob T.: Painting a Mural Katia's T.: Katia's Kitchen (Cooking Show)
Watch her video here!
Adele S.: Sleeping Bags for the Homeless
Painting a mural
Katia's Kitchen
Sewing for the Homeless


These are just a few of the outstanding personal projects. Click here for a complete listing of the Class of 2024's Personal Projects. 

The Personal Project marks the end of the MYP and the big move for the Class of 2024 to move on to the Diploma Programme. 

Thank you to Ms. Sabrina McCartney, MYP Coordinator & Personal Project Coordinator, and to all the parents and teachers that supported the Class of 2024 in their pursuit of personal progress.