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5th Grade Design Tech Food Trucks

As an extension of their unit of Inquiry, "From Head to Toe", which focuses on health, nutrition, and the human body, CDS 5th graders designed, created, and launched their own food truck businesses in elementary Maker Lab with Mrs. Gochoco.

Design Tech Food Trucks

They started off by studying nutrition and learned how to read nutrition labels on food. In groups, they formed food truck businesses and created menus, logos, and food truck models. The students were allowed to choose how they created and displayed their models. Some were designed digitally using various apps, or made out of paper, clay, or recyclables.

5th Grade Design Tech Food Trucks

The students had to collaborate in order to bring their food trucks to life. As a celebration of all their hard work, each class hosted another 5th-grade class who could shop at their food trucks. The visiting class had an imaginary $20 budget to spend during their visit. The hosting class took orders and was able to calculate their profits after the event. This connects to their current "Dollars and Sense" unit of inquiry, which leads up to Young Entrepreneur Day! Nice work Patriots!

Thank you to Design Tech Maker Lab & Science Specialist, Jenny Gochoco for creating and implementing this creative lesson.