Novel Discovery in 7th Grade
7th Grade Novel Discovery

Discovering a New Journey 

In Ms. Garcia's and Ms. Young's 7th grade Language and Literature classes, students were inquirers who worked together to decode a discovery box filled with clues to figure out their first novel unit! Students collaborated using background knowledge to decipher how each clue worked together. Inside the discovery box were clues such as items or places mentioned in the novel to hint at the novel's title, author, published date, genre, and setting! Would you be able to figure out the title of the book? 

After completing the activity students reflected on the learning activity. Here's what they said: 

Sadie O.
I enjoyed today's activity because we didn’t do a lesson but a hands-on thing. I believe this is a good mode to learn cause we grasp the idea more when we do something along with it and don’t just like to hear something. This activity built engagement and excitement before reading this novel because it showed some ideas and was a fun activity for everyone!!!!

Hannah P.
In today's activity, I liked doing the crossword puzzle using context clues.  It was challenging and tested your problem-solving skills, but it was very enjoyable. I believe this is a good mode to learn because it is spontaneous and boosts our creativity. I think this builds engagement and excitement before reading our first novel because it builds an anxiousness to know what the novel is, therefore fully engaging ourselves in learning about the novel.

Jean Carlo P.
I enjoyed that there were multiple challenges and they were hard and not easy to get. It is hard but once you get the hang of the activity and clues it won't be too hard. I think it is a good way to learn it just does take a little while. I think it does build up excitement for the book because you did all of this to figure out the book so now I want to read it.

Evelyn P.
Our activity was very amusing, but kind of difficult to figure out, which I enjoyed.  It was very challenging, but once you figure out the first few hints, you'll get the hang of it. I believe that this learning mode and having to use more challenging ways to solve problems makes me more appealed in learning about the new book.

Jason U.G.
I liked today's activity because we got to work in groups and there were different challenges involved. It was fun and we really had to think about the problems, and in a way, it was like an escape room. I think this is a good way to learn because it keeps us entertained while we work. I also think it is exciting because we did not know what we were reading until we figured out the questions.

Michael P.
In my activity, I enjoyed solving or deciphering the words and translating them into our language. This activity was fun and tested my abilities. I think it was a good learning mode because it was creative, and not our routine type of learning. Finally, I also think this activity built engagement and group participation because it kept us in suspense about what book we would be reading. 

Sidharth N.
I enjoyed the fact that we all worked together to come up with answers and help our team. I would say that it was really fun and a special experience and I would recommend that you do it. The activity does help me think about what the novel could be, and it could be a fun book to read. 

Thank you to Ms. Garcia for facilitating such a fun activity. Were you able to figure out the book? It's Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.