Navigating Challenges: A Student Racing Team's Journey
Sun Chasers

Last weekend, our student racing team embarked on a thrilling adventure in a kart racing competition at Florida Gulf Coast University, brimming with anticipation and determination. What ensued was a journey that encapsulated the essence of resilience, as the CDS team encountered both triumphs and tribulations.

Arriving on Friday, the CDS Sunchasers club meticulously fine-tuned their kart before facing inspection. They presented their modifications, including the rationale behind each change. It was a moment to showcase their commitment to innovation and excellence.

Saturday dawned with excitement as they readied for the race. In the initial moments, the CDS kart surged ahead, overtaking five competitors within the first three miles. However, their momentum was abruptly halted by a blown fuse, leading to an early retirement. Despite this setback, their performance secured them the 5th position, surpassing nine other carts.

Undeterred, the pit crew of CDS students led by faculty member, Brad Hayes, swiftly conducted trackside repairs, eager to redeem themselves in the next race. However, further electrical issues forced another premature retirement after just two more miles. Their perseverance earned them the 7th position overall.

Despite the challenges, the experience in the kart racing competition was a rollercoaster of emotions, but it was also a valuable learning opportunity. Each setback served as a lesson, igniting the students' determination to return stronger next year.

The Sun Chasers team is looking for mentors/advisors for the 2024-2025 academic year. If you have experience with electrical engineering or EV cars and would like to support the team, please email Brad Hayes,