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National Junior Beta Club News
Middle School Junior Beta Club Induction

National Junior Beta Club faculty sponsor, Scott Sandoval, opened the October 15th Installation and Induction Ceremony with an explanation of the mission of the National Beta Club. First to promote the ideals of academic performance by recognizing and honoring high academic achievement; second to encourage outstanding character by preparing young people for life and empowering them to be successful, and third to promote service and leadership among students by following the Beta motto: Let us lead by serving others.

He recognized the group of five new officers and 29 new members as remarkable young people, with stellar academic records and for being balanced students with an incredibly diverse range of interests and accomplishments. They are committed to improving their school, community, and their world. He is excited to be working with this cohort - the largest ever - to see what they will achieve this year. 

Head of Middle School, Chuck Maddox led the officer installation ceremony. He welcomed the outgoing officers to present keys that will open lots of doors to opportunities to the incoming officers. Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Officers of the CDS chapter of National Junior Beta Club:

President:          Canyon K.
Vice President:  Riley H.
Secretary:          Caroline C. 
Treasurer:          Cash C.
Historian:           Ella M.

Shelly Hollingsworth, the faculty sponsor of the CDS chapter of National Senior Beta Club and state sponsor for the State of Florida, presided over the induction of the new members, leading them in reciting the Beta Club pledge:

“I hereby declare that I shall always strive to be honest and truthful; to maintain a credible scholastic record; to be of service to my teachers and peers; to conduct myself in an ethical and moral manner to reflect credit upon my school and community.”

Mrs. Hollingsworth then explained the details and significance of the elements that comprise the ebony and gold Beta Club emblem. Together with Mr. Sandoval, she presented each of the new members with their certificate and pin.

Congratulations to all the new members of the CDS chapter of National Junior Beta Club:

Canyon K.
Riley H.
Caroline C.
Cash C.
Ella M.

Alexa A.
Kay A.
Mikaela A.
Saaya A.
Wyatt B.
Alexander B
Kaiya B.
Bodi B.
Rachel C. 
Simmon C.

Evan C.
Reese E.
Samantha F.
Garrett F.
Alisha G.
Charley J.
Ravi K.
Megan L.
Cailyn M.
Aryan M.
Daniel M.
Gavin M.
Arjun P.
Addie P.
Paula S.-S.
Finn S.
Grace T.
Avery W.
Sam Z.