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Model Students!
Model United Nations

Over the holiday week, CDS had a group of students compete at the Princeton Model United Nations Conference in New Jersey.  This was the first travel competition for our CDS group and they certainly made us proud by flexing their commitment to global solutions in a variety of topics.  They were also able to get a personalized tour of Princeton University from a previous student of Chris Thompson, their chaperone and teacher with CDS. Thank you, Chris!

Juniors Ava O’Connor and Bhuvi Raxwal competed as a dual delegation within the Disarmament and International Security Committee representing France. They discussed global security in the Arctic and nuclear weapons – The present and future.  They cosigned on resolutions with allied countries and worked diligently with other delegates.

Sophomore Kiara Torres represented South Korea on the World Health Organization committee.  She tackled the topics of urbanization and health inequality in low and middle-income nations as well as maternal health coverage expansion. Her passion for solving these complexities was fully demonstrated within moderated and unmoderated sessions.

Sophomore Benny Ortega represented Norway on the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee and spoke on the complex topics of refuge for the Tigrayan people of Northern Ethiopia and the Uyghur crisis in Xinjiang, China.  Benny worked diligently as a moderating country for lasting resolutions.

Thank you to our upper school students and faculty who participate in the Model United Nations club.