Middle School Spanish Honors Inductees
MS Spanish Honors Inductees

La Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad, Los Patriotas Chapter, is the Carrollwood Day Middle School
Spanish Honor Society.

Carrollwood Day School recently had the honor of hosting the MS Spanish Honors Induction Ceremony, an event that embodies the spirit of scholarship, fellowship, and service within the Spanish-speaking community. This prestigious occasion marked the induction of deserving students into the esteemed La Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad, Los Patriotas Chapter.

The Carrollwood Day School Chapter of La Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad is a distinguished society that celebrates the academic achievements of middle school students. Eligible students, who have maintained an outstanding academic record with an A average by the end of their 7th grade year, are recognized for their dedication to mastering the Spanish language and their commitment to community service.

Formally organized in the year 2000, the Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP). Its mission is to promote cross-cultural acceptance and understanding among students of Spanish while encouraging active involvement in both school and community service initiatives.

The induction ceremony, held on Friday, April 19, 2024, was a momentous occasion, with a record-breaking 49 students being inducted into the Los Patriotas Chapter. The ceremony itself was a solemn yet celebratory affair, featuring a candlelight ceremony held at the iconic Columbia Restaurant in Ybor. Guided by the student officers, including Tillie M., Taksheel G., Tahi P., Brandon S., Ace E., Aydan S. and Brandon E., the event was a testament to the dedication and leadership of our students.

Two members of the Executive Council, Kiyana R. and Kaitlyn N., delivered inspiring speeches on behalf of all the members, highlighting the significance of the honor bestowed upon them and their commitment to upholding the values of the society.

Following the induction ceremony, students and their families were treated to a sumptuous Spanish lunch and a captivating Flamenco show, adding to the festive atmosphere of the occasion. The tables adorned with flower-filled sangria pitchers further enhanced the Spanish theme of the event.

Each inductee was presented with a personalized certificate in recognition of their esteemed membership in the Los Patriotas Chapter, a testament to their hard work, dedication, and academic excellence.

The MS Spanish Honors Induction Ceremony was not only a celebration of individual achievement but also a reaffirmation of the values of scholarship, fellowship, and service that lie at the heart of the Carrollwood Day School community. Congratulations to all the inductees for this well-deserved honor, and may your journey with La Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad be filled with continued success and meaningful contributions to our school and community.


  • Presidentes: Tillie M. y Taksheel G.
  • Vice Presidentes: Tahi P. y Brandon S.
  • Tesorero: Ace E.
  • Secretario: Aydan S.
  • Historiador: Brandon E.

Executive Council

  • Kiyana R. y Kaitlyn N.
  • Adelle B. y Alina Knisley
  • Carys M. y Presley M.
  • Hannah S. y Sophia Y.


  • Jumanah A. y Lauren A.
  • Evan A. y Jack B.
  • Adrian B.y Landon C.
  • Wake F. y Dylan G.
  • Brooklyn G. y Skylar G.
  • Lily H. y Lilly J.
  • Kristofer K. y Alex L.
  • Denah L. y Quincey L.
  • Aziz M. y Elena M.
  • Ethan O. y Owen P.
  • Josie P. y Molly Polk
  • Brayden R. y Henry R.
  • Olivia R. y Lucas R.
  • Jake S. y Aiden S.
  • Isabella S. y Abbey S.
  • Ahroosh V. y Benjamin W.
  • Gavin Z. y Carter Z.

Sponsor: Profesora Milián

We extend our sincerest gratitude to our sponsor, Profesora Milián, whose dedication and guidance have been instrumental in the success of the Los Patriotas Chapter and the fulfillment of our mission to promote Spanish language proficiency and service within our community.