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Middle School Artists Become Educators
8th Grade Art Educators

CDS 8th-grade art students were recently challenged by their teacher, Ms. Vesalis, to take on the role of an Art Educator. They were tasked with creating, planning, and preparing a fun project from scratch that involved artistic skill building (cutting, gluing, and/or drawing), and exploration.  After planning their projects, they headed to the 1st-grade classrooms to try their hand at teaching their lesson. 

What resulted were well-rounded projects that not only built cross-divisional connections but gave our 8th graders the opportunity to be role models for the younger CDS Patriots. The projects included watercolor and crayon "stained" glass paintings, silly action stick figures, colorful kites, and heart caterpillars.  What a fun way to teach so many wonderful skills.

8th Grade Art Educators

Thank you to our amazing middle school art teacher, Ashley Vesalis, and to our 1st grade teachers who welcomed our middle school educators to their classrooms and students.