Investing in fun!
Investiture Board Game

Anytime you can have fun, while learning, is a win-win scenario and that's exactly what CDS 2014 Alumni, Rahul Bapna, intended with his latest venture, a board game called Investiture. 

After attending CDS from 2001-2014, Rahul matriculated to the University of Michigan where he graduated in three years with a degree in Economics in 2017. He then worked for a strategy consultant for IBM until early 2020 and is now the Vice President of Business Development for a manufacturing company that exports plastics globally. 

The board game Rahul is creating, Investiture, requires no stock market experience and is fun for anyone who wants to play a game with friends and family. With the goal of going through the ranks to make the player the greatest stock market trader the world has ever seen, Investiture takes the user through various stock markets around the world. Combining the intensity of the stock market with the strategy to become rich and have fun, Rahul has accomplished that win-win scenario of having fun while gaining knowledge. 

Learn more about Rahul's game,, and watch the video teaser below. Amazing work Rahul. CDS is so proud of our alumni!