Harmony Unleashed: CDS Music Teacher's Percussion Ensemble Piece Secures Publication
Chris Landi, Kindergarten Assistant/ECC Music Teacher

In a recent accomplishment, CDS Kindergarten Assistant/ECC Music Teacher, Chris Landi, has composed a percussion ensemble piece titled "Displacements" that has achieved the remarkable feat of securing publication by a reputable music publishing company based in Virginia. Chris, known for his passion for music education and creative pursuits, shares a preliminary copy of the score, acknowledging that the company is diligently working on the final touches, including formatting aspects such as the cover and individual copies of the music parts.

This achievement not only brings personal fulfillment to Chris but also serves as an exciting opportunity to share the music with a broader audience. In a wonderful collaborative effort, Chris has generously extended the reach of "Displacements" by partnering with Amy Callahan and James Mayo, our middle and upper school music teachers, where the piece will be rehearsed by their talented music students. Demonstrating a commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians, Chris plans to actively participate in the rehearsal process, offering insights and guidance to the students.

"Displacements" is a composition thoughtfully crafted for middle and high school students, showcasing Chris's dedication to creating music that is not only artistically engaging but also tailored to the developmental needs and capabilities of young musicians. The collaboration with middle and upper school reflects a broader commitment to fostering musical education, allowing students to experience the thrill of performing a professionally published piece.

As the final touches are being put in place by the publishing company, anticipation builds for the official release of "Displacements." This achievement stands as a testament to Chris Landi's talent and commitment to music education, promising to leave a lasting impression on both performers and audiences alike. Stay tuned for more updates as this musical journey continues to unfold.

Click here for a glimpse at Displacements.