Game On: CDS eSports Warriors Shine at Bloomingdale Tournament
eSports Competition October 2023

This past Saturday marked an exciting day for the CDS eSports club as they ventured to Bloomingdale High School, ready to face off against fierce competition. With over 10 other high schools and middle schools participating and a total of 41 skilled participants, the tournament was nothing short of intense. In a double-elimination bracket format, all players, irrespective of their school affiliations, battled it out for supremacy.

The Carrollwood Day School students who represented their school in this electrifying competition included:

  1. Aiden S. - 8th Grade (9th place)
  2. Jeremy C.P. - 8th Grade (13th place)
  3. Lucas R. - 7th Grade (17th place)
  4. Ethan O. - 8th Grade (25th place)
  5. William M. - 7th Grade (25th Place)
  6. Tucker O. - 7th Grade (25th Place)
  7. Ahroosh V. - 8th Grade (33rd Place)

Impressively, many of our students were competing against older high school players, who marveled at the skill and talent our middle schoolers exhibited. The consensus was clear: our CDS students are the rising stars, destined to be the ones to beat in 11th and 12th grade.

What was particularly heartwarming to witness during the tournament was our students' sportsmanship. Win or lose, they displayed respect by shaking hands with their opponents after each match. The sense of community among the players was palpable, with more experienced participants readily offering advice and assistance to one another.

In a poignant display of solidarity, the top two performers from CDS, Aiden and Jeremy, found themselves pitted against each other in a nail-biting elimination match. After the intense face-off, the players hugged, exemplifying the camaraderie and support that define these eSports events. The focus here is on nurturing the eSports community and promoting camaraderie, overshadowing the desire to win or be the best.

These events continue to bring out the best in our students, and their conduct is a source of immense pride.

eSports Competition October 2023

Thank you to CDS eSports faculty leader, Jason Ault, our Middle School Design Tech teacher.