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¬°Felicidades! Spanish Scholars

Profesoras Margarita Garcia and Diana Medina are thrilled to share the results from the 2022 National Spanish Assessments (NSA). NSA is an online, standardized assessment tool, given throughout the United States to measure both the achievement and the proficiency of students who are studying Spanish as a second language via computer-graded and rater-graded modules for students studying the Spanish language and are administered by the National Spanish Examinations (NSE), a program of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP). 

At the National level, students receive medal placement (gold, silver, bronze, and honorable mention) based on their scores and are eligible to apply for several types of scholarships (Global Citizen Scholarship, Junior Study Abroad Program, and Senior Scholarship).

The purpose of the National Spanish Examinations (NSE) is:

  1. To recognize achievement in the studies of Spanish
  2. To promote proficiency in interpretive communication in Spanish
  3. To assess the national standards as they pertain to learning Spanish 
  4. To stimulate further interest in the teaching and learning of Spanish

National awards are determined by the Total Percentile as follows:

  • Gold medals- Students scoring at or above the 95th percentile are awarded a Premio de Oro.
  • Silver medals- Students scoring from the 85th through the 94th percentiles receive a Premio de Plata.
  • Bronze medals - Students scoring from the 75th through the 84th percentiles receive a Premio de Bronce.

¡Muchas felicidades! to these Spanish scholars for attaining national recognition for excellent performance on the 2022 National Spanish Examinations.

Profesora Garcia's Classes - MYP SPII (level 1)

Gold Medals
Aarnav C.
Kiara T.


Silver Medals
Brooke B.
Erika C.
Jennifer M.
Michael R.
Evan S.
Riley Z.


Bronze Medals
Mina A.
Jacob C.
Jai D.
Aden D.
Sofia G.
Olivia H.
Isabella J.
Luke M.
Rohan P.
Adassa P.
Gabriel T.
Dhruv V.
Sophie V.
Charissa W.
Grayson W.

Profesora Medina's Classes - MYP SPIII (level 2)

Gold Medals
Mohammad A.
William K.
Ava O.
Valentina R.
Murphy S.
Anika S.
Dylan S.
Katia T.
Marco W.
Wyatt W.


Silver Medals
Ethan A.
Aidan A.
Isabella B.
Sonia G.
Kenneth L.
Isabel L
Jenna N.

Bronze Medals
Jude A.
Paavana Suma A.
Leah B.
Nikheel D.
Austin F.
Sierra I.
Rebecca O.
Aaysh P.
Brooke R.
Logan W.
Jacob Z.

Thank you to Profesoras Garcia and Medina for sharing these notable achievements with us.