Empowering Young Minds: A Look at CDS 5th Grade Young Entrepreneurs Day
Young Entrepreneurs Day

At Carrollwood Day School, fifth graders recently embarked on a journey into the world of entrepreneurship, showcasing their creative flair and business acumen. As part of their curriculum focusing on business and economics, these young students transformed into budding entrepreneurs, taking on the challenge of creating and operating their own businesses.

The journey began with students deciding whether to establish service-based or product-based companies and collaborating with peers to explore shared interests and market opportunities. Through surveys conducted among their fellow elementary students, they gathered valuable insights to shape their business ventures.

With a budget in hand and a goal to serve 250 customers, these young entrepreneurs meticulously planned every aspect of their businesses. From crafting company names and mission statements to producing commercials advertising their products, they demonstrated remarkable creativity and strategic thinking.

The highlight of their entrepreneurial journey culminated in Young Entrepreneurs' Day (YED). All elementary students eagerly purchased tickets to participate, while teachers scheduled class visits to support the fifth-grade businesses. It was a bustling day filled with excitement as students showcased their products and honed their sales and marketing skills.

The success of Young Entrepreneurs' Day extended beyond mere profit-making. It provided invaluable lessons in critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and financial management. As students navigated the intricacies of running their businesses, they developed a strong sense of independence and initiative, preparing them for future challenges in the business world.

In addition to learning business acumen, YED is an incredible way for these 5th graders to connect raising money from their small business with their exhibition action items set with goals to better the world.

Through this hands-on experience, Carrollwood Day School students not only learned about entrepreneurship but also gained confidence in their abilities to innovate and succeed. Young Entrepreneurs' Day was not just an event; it was a testament to the school's commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders and innovators.

Click here for photos of the event.

Thank you to our CDS 5th-grade teachers for educating and supporting our budding entrepreneurs through this process and to JA Biztown for educating our students on business operations.