Empowering Learning: Expert Involvement in Mrs. Monty's Fifth Grade Exhibition Topic on Artificial Intelligence

As education evolves in the 21st century, emphasis is increasingly placed on interactive and experiential learning. In the fifth grade Exhibition at our school, this principle is vividly exemplified through the engagement of experts who lend their insights and expertise to enhance student understanding. Recently, Mrs. Monty's class embarked on a fascinating exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), enriched by the wisdom and experiences of distinguished guests.

Among these esteemed visitors was Professor Gene Kim from the University of South Florida, a renowned authority in AI. Professor Kim illuminated the intricacies of AI, addressing the fundamental questions posed by the students: What is Artificial Intelligence? What are its benefits, issues, and the actions people are taking in this field? Through engaging discussions and firsthand insights, students gained a deeper appreciation for the role of AI in our world today.

Professor Gene Kim

Dr. Gene Kim, USF Professor


Adding a creative dimension to the discourse, Barbara Gruener, a celebrated children's author and educator, shared her experiences integrating AI-assisted techniques into her upcoming book's illustrations. This virtual session not only showcased practical applications of AI but also prompted discussions on its current limitations, fostering critical thinking among the students.

Barbara Gruener

Barbara Gruener, Children's Author & Educator


Mr. Tim Walsh, Assistant Head of School, played a pivotal role in facilitating dialogue and reflection on the students' AI learning journey. By encouraging them to articulate their discoveries and queries, Mr. Walsh fostered a dynamic exchange that empowered students to take ownership of their learning.

Tim Walsh

Tim Walsh, Assistant Head of School for Academics


Dr. Petter N. Kolm, a parent and Program Director at New York University, provided yet another invaluable perspective on AI. Dr. Kolm's discussion with the class delved into why they chose AI as their Exhibition topic, their research findings, and his own insights into the field. By inviting students to pose their burning questions, Dr. Kolm catalyzed curiosity and deeper inquiry.

Dr. Peter Kolm

Dr. Petter N. Kolm, Program Director at New York University


The impact of these expert engagements on the students' learning cannot be overstated. Beyond textbooks and classroom lectures, they were immersed in real-world applications and discussions, igniting their passion for discovery and problem-solving. Moreover, the diverse perspectives offered by the guest speakers underscored the multifaceted nature of AI, encouraging students to approach the subject with nuance and open-mindedness.

As educators, we recognize the immense value of incorporating expert voices into the learning process. By bridging theory with practice and classroom learning with real-world insights, we equip students with the tools and inspiration to navigate an increasingly complex world. The fifth-grade Exhibition on Artificial Intelligence stands as a testament to the transformative power of expert engagement in education, shaping curious minds and future leaders.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Mrs. Monty for her exceptional coordination and dedication in orchestrating this enriching experience for her students. It is through her passion and commitment to providing meaningful learning opportunities that these expert engagements have been made possible, leaving an impact on our students' educational journey.