Entrepreneurship At It's Best!
CDS Entrepreneurship Business Investment Team

Year Two of the Entrepreneurship Business Investment Team (E.B.I.T.) launched on Thursday, April 6, 2022, and set off on its 6-week course that included an incredible list of guest speakers including tech inventors, social entrepreneurs, investment specialists, and billion dollar company founders. In addition to a guest speaker each week, the EBIT Lab was led by CDS parent and social entrepreneur, Rajesh Anandan, co-founder & CEO of Ultranauts Inc., founder of Unicef Ventures, and creator of Unicef Kid Power, a wearable-for-good named one of TIME’s 25 Best Inventions. Mr. Anandan spent the 6 weeks guiding students through the development of a social enterprise business plan from discovering a problem to solving it through pitching their business.

EBIT Judges Panel

This week was the culmination of the 6-week program and the opportunity for the budding student-entrepreneurs to pitch their next big idea. With industry leaders, Chris Campbell, Joel Ohman, Michael Babb, and Todd Wagner as the judges these eager inventors shared their ideas for a dog safety device, digitized windshield for cars, a biking safety intervention, and fashion accessories. The students knocked it out of the park. It was amazing to see how they justified the value of their product and the need for it in the world, shared their research and delivered phenomenal pitches. 

EBIT Presentation

There was a tie for first place between Augment Shield and Gaba Clip. Augment Shield is an interactive windshield for your car with eye-tracking technology with a warning device when you are sleepy or distracted.  It also has directions projected on the windshield, has a chromatographic wrap that blocks glare automatically from the driver's vision, and you can personalize your system.  For example, if you are a cheerleader when you start your car, a cheerleader flips across the driver's side windshield and says "Welcome...Mary" or a basketball can swish through the next "Welcome Brad."  You can pick your colors, mode etc. The members of this team were middle school students, Bryce W., Aaron R., Nishant S., and Colin W.

Gaba Clip is a comfortable, hidden clip used to keep your shirt nicely tucked into your pants or skirt.  It's manufactured at a low cost and comfortable to wear.  The members of this team were upper school students, Charissa W., Rai H., and Annika H. 

There were seven teams that presented. One company, looked into creating safer bike paths, another wanted to use artificial intelligence to flag misinformation on the internet, there was a glowing dog collar company, a personalized styling company, and a more advanced driver's assistant to help you get work done in the car.  All solved problems that occur in our daily lives.

At the end of the evening, after the students were congratulated for their hard work, Todd Wagner announced that next year's club would be adding mock seed money to launch one potential company and the best company will get $10,000 seed money to actually invest in their company idea. 

Thank you to Todd and Kari Wagner and Cheryl George for facilitating this club. If you're interested in joining next year, any questions can be sent to cgeorge@cdspatriots.org.