Diving into New Horizons: CDS Welcomes Its First-Ever Diver

Diving into New Horizons: CDS Welcomes Its First-Ever Diver, McKinnley P.

Carrollwood Day School is known for its tradition of exploring new endeavors, and this year, we're proud to welcome a remarkable addition to our athletics program. Meet McKinnley P., a dedicated middle schooler who has embarked on a groundbreaking journey as CDS's first-ever diver.

McKinnley's journey into the world of diving is a testament to her passion, determination, and pioneering spirit. While we've celebrated achievements in various sports, diving is a unique addition to our athletic program, and it's truly exciting to have McKinnley leading the way.

With each dive, McKinnley showcases her athleticism, courage, and precision. Diving requires a blend of physical prowess and mental focus, making it one of the most challenging sports. McKinnley's commitment to mastering this art form is a testament to her dedication to trying something new and pushing herself toward a goal. When asked about why she chose diving, McKinnley answered "I’ve been a competitive swimmer my entire life, but after losing 20 athletes from last season due to graduation, I realized diving could be a way to make up extra points, and so I gave it a try."

We asked McKinnley how she stays motivated during tough training sessions and she responded, "I really enjoy learning about the different dives, but I think the most rewarding part is when I finish with my dives, and I kind of get that relief that I am done and I have done my part. I think the most challenging part is when I am standing at the end of the board with a million different thoughts running through my head, and I know I just have to ignore them and persevere. Another challenge I have to face is my fear of letting the team down since I am the only one on the diving portion of the team."

McKinnley not only represents CDS as our first diver but also embodies the spirit of a trailblazer. Her journey is an inspiration to her peers, proving that with determination and hard work, you can achieve remarkable feats. "I’ve never really trained for diving, so this is overall a new experience. I’ve always trained for swimming, so I am used to balancing my school work in my downtime," McKinnley says. "The advice I can give others is to just get up there and try it. This was my first year, and I have really enjoyed it so far. So, you never know…you might enjoy it too."

When we asked McKinnley about her least and most favorite dives so far she shared that they are one and the same "The inward dive for sure. This dive is my least favorite because I always feel like I'm going to hit my head on the end of the board, but I always do it successfully, and get instant relief when I know it's over." 

McKinnley P. - Diver

As we cheer on McKinnley in her diving expedition, we look forward to celebrating her successes, both in the pool and as a shining example of CDS excellence. Her journey reminds us all that at CDS, the sky's the limit when it comes to pursuing our passions and breaking new ground. McKinnley, may your diving adventures be as deep and boundless as your dreams!


Thank you to the CDS Athletics Department for supporting McKinnley's choice to start diving and to the dedicated coaches who, in her words, "were very supportive of her becoming a diver, always helped make sure she was ready, and never left her side when she was on the board."