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Daily Affirmations
Kayla R. Book Share

Mrs. Mianne's 3rd-grade class had a very special visitor today. After almost a year and a half of virtual book shares, CDS senior and founding SLAP(T) member, Kayla R., walked into the classroom to read her book in person. Kayla's book, Shades of Love by local college and career counselor, Anya Caye Francis, was about love having no boundaries, including different skin colors in one family.The students sat quietly listening, eyes bright, taking in the message. When Kayla finished reading and asked what their favorite part of the story was, one student raised her hand and said "when the little girl's mom said, no matter what color you are you can still be loved." 

Kayla R. Book Share

After the book share, Kayla and CDS Director of Community Wellness, Krista Diamond, led the students in an affirmations activity. Turns out Mrs. Mianne's class was very familiar with affirmations as that is how they start their day. Check out their daily affirmation video below. 

Thank you to Mrs. Diamond, Kayla, and Mrs. Mianne's 3rd grade class for starting off our morning wonderfully.