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Cum Laude Society Induction

On Sunday evening, April 24, select members of the junior and senior classes were inducted into the prestigious Cum Laude Society at Carrollwood Day School as selected by the Cum Laude Society Committee of Mr. Guarino as chapter president, as well as Ms. Rubinstein and Mr. Walsh. 

To earn individual Cum Laude Society membership, juniors must rank inside the top 10% of their class, and seniors must fall within the top 20% of their class. This is the highest earned academic award a secondary student can receive, and is an impressive achievement that deserves immense recognition. 

In May 2021, we inducted a junior class of nine students into the Cum Laude Society. Due to COVID restrictions, we were unable to formally honor our students who were selected for this prestigious designation. These students, who are currently seniors, represented the top 10% of their junior class last year and were formally recognized in our ceremony on Sunday:

Samantha A.
Alexandra G.
Sarah M. 
Ashna P.
Mia S.
Suhani S.
Gabriel S.
Anna T.
Fiona W-C

Members of the current senior class who were officially inducted into the Cum Laude Society on Sunday for ranking in the top 20% of their graduating class include the following:

Abigail A.
Aryan B.
Angelina B.
Elisabeth C.
Matthew D.
Jessica G.
Hannah M. 
Claire M.
Zoe W.

Class of 2022 Cum Laude Society Inductees

Finally, new inducted members of the Cum Laude Society from the junior class of 2023 ranked within the top 10% of their class. These members include:

Vikram B.
Carter C.
Harrison L.
Madeline M.
Kyra O.
Mahir S.
Hailee S.

Class of 2023 Cum Laude Inductees

Congratulations to the Cum Laude Society members on their impressive academic performance and for this significant accomplishment that we are most proud of!

Photo Gallery from Induction Ceremony


Thank you to Drew Guarino, Director of College Counseling, for sponsoring the Cum Laude Society at CDS.

The Cum Laude Society was established in 1906 to serve as the secondary school equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa, the highest honor society offered at the collegiate level. The words arete, dike, and time were chosen for the society's motto to signify excellence, justice, and honor in the celebration of academic success. 

There are approximately 27,000 public, private, and charter secondary schools in the United States. Since 1906, only 382 schools have earned membership into the prestigious Cum Laude Society, representing only 1.5% of all secondary schools in the country. Carrollwood Day School earned their induction into the Cum Laude Society in December 2019. As a Cum Laude Society school, we have the unique opportunity to name individual students as members, based on superior academic achievement and intellectualism.