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Culture Quilts
Culture Quilt Square

As part of their Unit of Inquiry, “Are We There Yet?” 5th-grade students got to choose between a Port of Entry project and a Culture Quilt. The Culture Quilt is an assignment that takes a close look at heritage, language, religion, and the traditions that our students engage in with their families. The students got to complete an interview to find out more about the heritage and culture that takes place within their family. They then used the information to help design a quilt square with a colorful, visual representation of their heritage.

India Culture Quilt Square

The students presented their quilt square to the class in order to learn more about each other's heritage. This unit connects our students to our IB standards of embracing each other's differences and learning to be knowledgeable about those differences.

Thank you to Mrs. Viera for sharing this experience. Her students really enjoyed learning about each other on a deeper level and developed meaningful connections to each other.