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College Admissions Results

The Class of 2022 displayed passion and enthusiasm for the college admission process that is unmatched by previous classes. I will always remember students cheering for each other as a new slide appeared on our accepted student slideshow, and the genuine excitement that students displayed for their peers as they made their college selections.

The Class of 2022 was incredibly successful in the college admission process, and achieved some of our greatest outcomes in our school’s history. The senior class submitted 862 applications this fall. All students in the senior class were admitted to at least one 4-year institution, and 98% of all seniors were admitted to at least one Phi Beta Kappa institution, representing the top 290 schools in the country. 44% of our seniors will be attending an institution outside the state of Florida with 19 states plus the District of Columbia represented. For the first time in school history, we have an attending student in all the regions of the United States (West, Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, Midwest, and Northeast) . 

The Class of 2022 performed exceptionally well with respect to standardized testing. The average SAT score in this year’s class was 1325, which is a new school record. The average ACT score was 26.25, the second highest in school history. 

From a National Merit Scholarship standpoint, CDS had a record number of National Merit Scholarship recognition program recipients. We are thrilled to announce that Julian A. (National Hispanic Scholar), Samantha A. (National Hispanic Scholar), and James C. (National African American Scholar) were chosen for these distinctions. One student was selected for National Merit Scholarship Commended status for scoring among the top 34,000 PSAT takers in the United States during the 2020-2021 school year. Congratulations to Alexa G. for this outstanding achievement.

Additionally, a school-record six students were chosen as National Merit Scholarship Finalists in the class of 2022. These students fall inside the top 15,000 in the United States for PSAT testing during the 2020-2021 school year: Samantha A., Aryan B., Justin D., Ashna P., Suhani S., and Gabe S. were all chosen for this impressive designation.

From a scholarship perspective, we are incredibly proud to say that 98% of the class qualified for either a merit-based or athletic-based scholarship this year, which is another school record. In total, the Class of 2022 received over $13.6 million in unsolicited scholarships.

Finally, the senior class will have nine student-athletes continuing their athletic careers at the NCAA division one, two, or three levels.

  • Amare B. (University of Charleston - Football)
  • Brandon C. (North Carolina State University - Football)
  • Jonathan C. (Brown University - Wrestling)
  • Camila G. (University of Chicago - Track & Field)
  • Jessica G. (Brown University - Volleyball)
  • AJ G. (Washington University in St. Louis - Football)
  • Laney H. (Oglethorpe University - Volleyball)
  • Matthew W. (Florida A&M University - Basketball)
  • Jasmine W. (University of Arkansas at Monticello - Volleyball)

We are incredibly proud of the accomplishments of our senior class. To the parents of our seniors, we are appreciative of your engagement and participation at multiple grade level presentations and individual meetings throughout your child’s time at CDS. A special thank you to the CDS faculty and staff for their unwavering support, instruction, and encouragement of our seniors throughout their high school tenure. Finally, I would also like to offer a debt of gratitude to Mrs. Danielle Cohen, Associate Director of College Counseling, as well as Mrs. Corie DiPhilippo, Associate Director of College Counseling, for their exceptional work in helping our seniors throughout the college search and selection process and for their attention and care in the submission process of nearly 900 applications throughout the course of this school year. 


Drew Guarino
Director of College Counseling