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Collaboration at its finest
5th Grade Visits 10th Grade Entrepreneurship

Being a full IB continuum school means numerous opportunities for cross-divisional collaboration. With 10th grade entrepreneurship students finishing up the year with an internal marketing plan competition, it was a great opportunity for 5th graders to visit and help brainstorm. The sophomores are on teams acting as the marketing/product development officers for large brands, such as Nike vs. Under Armour.  Their challenge is to first perform market research/industry analysis and then come up with the next great product or service for their target market (this year we chose elementary-age children). 

5th Grade Visits 10th Grade Entrepreneurship

Mrs. Monty's 5th-grade class joined to help give the 10th graders insight into the preferences & social trends of their target market.  These younger guests participated in focus groups and brainstorming, and then gave our marketing teams some great feedback to consider as they further refine their ideas. 

5th Grade Visits 10th Grade Entrepreneurship

Next up...the 4th-grade classes will visit to repeat the activity.

Thank you to upper school business management teacher, Mrs. Montague, and 5th-grade teacher, Mrs. Monty for facilitating this cross-divisional collaboration.