Class of 2024 Patriot Buddy Senior Send-off
Class of 2024 Senior Send-off

On April 23rd, Carrollwood Day School was bustling with joy, nostalgia, and heartfelt moments as we celebrated our Senior Send-off, marking the culmination of the Patriot Buddies program for our 1st and 12th graders.

Seniors walked hand in hand with their 1st-grade buddies around the gym, the air filled with anticipation and excitement. The names of the seniors and their buddies were announced, accompanied by cheers and applause from the entire school community. Meanwhile, the 1st-grade buddies proudly held flags adorned with the logos of their seniors' chosen colleges, symbolizing the next step in their academic journeys.

This year's Senior Send-off held an extra special significance, as this class of CDS Lifer seniors was part of the inaugural Patriot Buddies program when it first began 12 years ago. Among them were Anika Shah and Vasili Sotiropolous, who took to the stage to share their reflections on their journey at CDS and the bonds they've formed with the Patriot Buddies they had when they were in 1st grade, as well as the Patriot Buddies they have now as 12th graders.

The highlight of the event was a heartwarming video featuring words of advice and encouragement exchanged between the seniors and their 1st-grade buddies. From remembering to say thank you to a tip to learn how to do your laundry "so you won't be stinky" both classes (2024 & 2035) shared words of wisdom for the future. Watch the video here.

As the event came to a close, there was not a dry eye in the house. Families of the 1st and 12th graders, along with faculty, staff, and students, were moved by the touching moments and cherished memories shared throughout the day. The Senior Send-off served as a poignant reminder of the close-knit community that defines Carrollwood Day School, where lasting friendships are formed and cherished for a lifetime.

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