Class of 2024 College Announcement Day!
Class of 2024

Excitement filled the air at Carrollwood Day School on Monday, April 22nd, as the upper school and senior parents gathered in the theater for the much-anticipated unveiling of the Class of 2024's college choices. It was a momentous occasion that had been eagerly awaited by students, faculty, and staff alike--many of whom were sporting college t-shirts-- marking the culmination of their tireless efforts and commitment to academic excellence.

Amidst cheers and applause, each senior proudly took the stage to announce their chosen college and intended major, eliciting a sense of pride and accomplishment among their peers, teachers, and parents. With schools represented in Florida (FSU, Miami, UF, and USF to name a few), the Southeast (Alabama, Auburn, Emory, and Georgia Tech among others), the East Coast (including American, Bucknell, Georgetown, George Washington, Lehigh Northeastern, and UPenn), the Midwest (Butler, Indiana, and Purdue) and even the West (University of Colorado, Stanford, and the University of Southern California), the diverse array of destinations showcased the remarkable achievements of the graduating class.

Drew Guarino, Carrollwood Day School's Director of College Counseling, kicked off the event for our class of 2024 seniors, even playing a video from some of our six early graduates who are currently at colleges including Clemson, Texas A&M, and Wake Forest. With a balance of both in and out-of-state college destinations, this latest senior class even has a student continuing their education abroad in Madrid, Spain. The standard of excellence from this class has been exemplary, and will most certainly inspire future generations of Patriots.

As the ceremony drew to a close, the graduating seniors were glowing with pride, reflecting on their hard-earned accomplishments, while keeping an eye on the future that awaits in college. Their successes throughout high school and in the college admission process serve as a testament to their dedication to finding their passions and aligning them with their aspirations. We at Carrollwood Day School extend heartfelt congratulations to the class of 2024 as they embark on their next chapter with confidence and enthusiasm. Onto graduation in 25 days!  

Click here for pictures from the event. 

A special thank you to the CDS College Counseling Department for guiding this class as they navigated the college application and selection process. Drew Guarino, Sharon Bikoundou, Danielle Cohen, and Corie DiPhilippo work tirelessly throughout the upper school years to give students, faculty, and parents the support they need. Thank you to our unbelievable upper school faculty and staff who ensure our students are ready for the next step in their academic journey and for success long after graduation. Want to know more about the CDS College Counseling process, visit our website.