Celebrating the 5th Grade Exhibition at CDS: A Journey of Inquiry and Action
Exhibition 2024

The 5th Grade Exhibition at Carrollwood Day School marks a significant milestone in our students' educational journey. As the culmination of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, this event showcases months of dedicated research, exploration, and action by our young scholars. This year, each class embarked on a unique journey, delving into critical global issues through their central ideas. The exhibition not only highlighted their academic growth but also their readiness to transition into the Middle Years Programme (MYP) with a quote that resonated deeply:

"Words may inspire, but only actions create change." - Simon Sinek.

Mrs. Atkins' Class: Pollution Changes the World

Mrs. Atkins' class tackled the pervasive issue of pollution, exploring how it alters our environment and impacts various aspects of life on Earth. Their central idea, "Pollution changes the world," guided their lines of inquiry into the impacts of pollution on human and animal life, how pollution changes the environment, and solutions to pollution. The students presented compelling research and interactive displays, emphasizing the urgent need for action to protect our planet from further harm.

Mrs. Kerr's Class: Responsible Sustainability Promotes Biodiversity and Survival

In Mrs. Kerr's class, students focused on the crucial relationship between sustainability and biodiversity. Their central idea, "Responsible sustainability promotes biodiversity and survival," led them to investigate how sustainable practices can support diverse ecosystems and ensure the survival of various species. Through their presentations, they highlighted the importance of responsible resource management, safeguarding animal habitats, the human impact on biodiversity and the role of individuals and communities in promoting a balanced and thriving natural world.

Mrs. Monty's Class: Artificial Intelligence Impacts Society

The impact of technology on society was the focus of Mrs. Monty's class, where students explored the profound effects of artificial intelligence (AI). Their central idea, "Artificial Intelligence impacts society," spurred inquiries into the benefits and challenges of AI, its applications in different sectors, and ethical considerations. Mrs. Monty’s students began exploring the field of artificial intelligence by selecting Changemakers making a difference in the world of artificial intelligence during their Peace and Conflict Unit of Inquiry. They reached out to their Changemakers in hopes of learning more and actually received responses from two of them -  Dr. Kate Crawford and Professor Daphne Koller. Mrs. Monty’s class also welcomed experts into their classroom both physically and virtually during the Research Phase of their Exhibition journey. These incredible experts included Dr. Gene Louis Kim, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of South Florida, Dr. Fan Yang, Assistant Professor in The Zimmerman School of Advertising & Mass Communications and the founder of the Human and AI Research Lab at the University of South Florida, Dr. Petter Kolm, Program Director and Clinical Professor of Mathematics at New York University, Dr. Nisha Talagala, Dr. Nisha Talagala, founder of AIClub and world-renowned computer scientist and an expert in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, author and educator, Mrs. Barbar Gruener, and our own Mr. Tim Walsh, Assistance Head of Academics. The students' presentations demonstrated a nuanced understanding of how AI is transforming our world and the importance of thoughtful implementation to ensure positive outcomes for all. Mrs. Monty's class also had the opportunity to visit  the USF Human and AI Research Lab thanks to Dr. Fan Yang where they met and interacted with "Moxie" , their AI Robot.

Ms. Ruiz's Class: The Health of the Planet Depends on Humanity

Ms. Ruiz's class delved into the interconnectedness of human actions and the planet's well-being with their central idea, "The health of the planet depends on humanity." They explored how our choices and behaviors influence environmental health, from climate change to conservation efforts. Their research underscored the collective responsibility we share in maintaining the planet's health and the steps we can take to create a sustainable future.

Mrs. Rodriguez's Class: Balanced Health Promotes an Equitable Humanity

Our class examined the concept of health from a holistic perspective, with a focus on equity. Our central idea, "Balanced health promotes an equitable humanity," guided us to investigate how physical, mental, emotional and social health contribute to the overall well-being of humankind. Through our journey, we were able to gain deeper insight from multiple experts in the field of health which enriched our experience. Mrs. Calvert presented to our class on mental illness, Mrs. Earle on neurodiversity, Mrs. Davis helped us practice Yoga and breathing techniques, and Mr. Chamberlin educated us on how our school promotes and protects the physical health of our athletes. We also had Mr. and Mrs. Katz shared with us about their work as pulmonologists and medically assisting the homeless community. Mrs. Menendez shared with us the dedicated work she gives our country’s veterans as she supports their dermatology needs at the VA. Our special area teachers helped our class perfect our performance and support our work with our buddy classes. Moffitt Cancer Center welcomed us with open arms and designed a field trip for us that gave a deeper insight on how they treat their patients with a holistic approach, putting focus on their mental, emotional, and social health as they try to cure their cancers. The culmination of our class’s work highlighted the importance of access to healthcare, nutritious food, and supportive environments in fostering a fair and just society around the world. 

A Culmination of Hard Work and Interactive Learning

The 5th Grade Exhibition at CDS was more than just a presentation; it was a celebration of learning, inquiry, and action. Each class showcased their findings to families and peers through engaging displays and interactive exercises. From models and posters to digital presentations and hands-on activities, the students demonstrated their deep understanding of complex issues and their commitment to making a difference.

The exhibition's theme, inspired by Simon Sinek's quote, underscored the importance of transforming knowledge into action. These rising middle schoolers proved they are not only prepared for the academic challenges ahead but also ready to take on their roles as proactive global citizens. As they move into the MYP, we look forward to seeing how they will continue to inspire and create meaningful change in the world.

Congratulations to all the students, teachers, and families who made this year's 5th Grade Exhibition a resounding success. Your dedication and hard work are truly inspiring!

For photos of an amazing week of Exhibition presentations visit here.