Celebrating Lunar New Year at CDS: A Festive Extravaganza!
CDS Celebrates the Lunar New Year

Carrollwood Day School welcomed the Lunar New Year with vibrant festivities, bringing the spirit of joy and tradition to both campuses. The celebration kicked off on Friday, February 9th, as middle schoolers visited the Early Childhood Campus (ECC), spreading cheer and laughter among the little ones.

The ECC buzzed with excitement as students engaged in a variety of games and enjoyed delectable treats, immersing themselves in the rich culture of Lunar New Year. Not to be outdone, the elementary courtyard was transformed into a festive wonderland on Monday, February 12th. Lined with captivating games and tantalizing treats, the courtyard became a hub of activity as students reveled in the joy of the Lunar New Year. From traditional games to modern twists, there was something for everyone to enjoy. The highlight of the day was the mesmerizing dance of the dragons, a spectacle that captured the imagination of all who witnessed it. The colorful dragons weaved through the crowd, spreading good luck and prosperity for the year ahead.

Adding to the ambiance, CDS musicians showcased their talents with Chinese-inspired musical numbers, infusing the air with melodies that resonated with the spirit of the occasion. Their performances captivated the audience and further enhanced the celebratory atmosphere.

As the school year entered the Year of the Dragon, CDS embraced the opportunity to honor tradition, foster community spirit, and create lasting memories. The Lunar New Year celebration served as a reminder of the school's commitment to embracing diversity and embracing cultural celebrations from around the world. With each passing year, CDS continues to uphold its tradition of celebrating unity in diversity, making every Lunar New Year a truly special and memorable occasion for all.

Thank you to our International Programs Coordinator, Brad Hayes, for his commitment to honoring all of the traditions of our CDS community both near and far.