Celebrating Artistry: Highlights from the Upper School Fine Arts Showcase
MYP/DP Fine Arts Showcase

The stage was set, the lights dimmed, and anticipation filled the air as Carrollwood Day School's upper school community gathered for a night of artistic brilliance at the Fine Arts Showcase. From visual masterpieces to captivating performances, students showcased the culmination of months of dedication and talent across various mediums.

The evening kicked off with an array of visual arts, where MYP and DP students unveiled their creative endeavors. From intricate sculptures to thought-provoking 2D artwork, each piece reflected the artist's unique perspective and artistic journey. Senior Naomi M. stole the spotlight with her diverse portfolio, delving into themes of psychological exploration, societal representation, and the transition from childhood to adulthood through her evocative pieces.

The showcase continued with enchanting performances that offered a glimpse into the upcoming production of Shrek with several vocal performances from juniors and seniors Libby G., Izzy R., and Ava T. playing Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and the Dragon. Junior Hannah V. captivated us with her multi-character monologue and senior Murphy S. gave us an unbelievable solo from the Broadway show, Waitress, that showed her depth and growth throughout her time in the CDS Performing Arts program. Junior Izzy R. showcased her choreographic prowess with a mesmerizing dance piece that seamlessly blended Fosse-inspired movements with contemporary flair.

Musical virtuosity took center stage as talented musicians enchanted the audience with their melodic expertise. DP seniors Isabel L. and Chelsea A. mesmerized with a breathtaking flute duet, demonstrating remarkable breath control and technical proficiency. Chelsea's solo performance, accompanied by Grace T., showcased her unwavering dedication to musical excellence. Closing the night with a flourish, senior Vasili S. delivered a spellbinding violin solo that left the audience in awe of his extraordinary talent and maturity.

Throughout the evening, the Fine Arts Showcase served as a testament to CDS's student-artists' discipline, hard work, and passion. Special thanks to the dedicated upper school faculty, including Seth Firestone, Catherine McKinney, Colleen McEvoy, and James Mayo, whose unwavering support and guidance have empowered students to reach new heights in their artistic endeavors.

As the curtains closed on a night of artistic brilliance, the echoes of applause lingered, serving as a reminder of the boundless creativity and talent within the CDS community.